civil litigationAt Brazill Hester, we realize that while, as trial attorneys, we possess the skill and legal acumen required to prosecute and defend lawsuits on behalf of our clients, there is also often a benefit to honest and reasoned assessment of a dispute, negotiation with opposing parties, and having the open mind required to reach agreements that are in the best interests of our clients. With Brazill Hester, you know that you will receive an optimistic yet candid assessment of your legal position so we can determine together the strategic course that will benefit you the most. We truly have our clients’ best interests at heart, meaning we will never sell your legal position short and never encourage you into litigation by giving you false impressions about your likelihood of success.

In most cases, we would much rather settle disputes outside of court, in terms beneficial to our clients, because doing so saves our clients the time, money, and anguish involved in litigation, and because oftentimes the parties to a dispute can walk away and continue in business and personal relationships, knowing that each party treated the other fairly. It is a good feeling to know, especially in these litigious times, that people can still talk out their differences in a mutually agreeable fashion, and our attorneys are dedicated to a combination of civility and certitude necessary to resolve disputes favorably for our clients.

However, we also know that sometimes, if an opposing party is unreasonable or decides to sue you, litigation is the only option to adequately protect your rights and serve your best interests. If that is determined to be the case, the attorneys at Brazill Hester will spare no effort in aggressively arguing your case, forcefully presenting the evidence and legal arguments in your favor, and holding the opposing party to the standards required by law. We also have the experience needed to effectively pursue appeals at the state and federal level. With attorneys admitted in state and federal courts in Indiana, Illinois, and with experience in other jurisdictions, you will be represented by effective civil litigators who will vigorously and passionately advocate for you, and you will be proud of our toughness as well as our civility in working on your behalf.

  • Appeals on Family Law and Civil Matters

  • Contract Disputes and Lawsuits

  • Business Disputes and Lawsuits

  • Construction Disputes and Lawsuits

  • Personal Injury

  • Probate Litigation

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