mediationBrazill Hester, P.C. offers mediation services for divorce, paternity, and other family law cases.  

Mediation can be much less stressful and expensive than court, because of its informal nature and its focus on the specific needs and desires of the parties involved, rather than strict application of the law in a courtroom setting.  

No one has to worry about courtroom drama or the naturally adversarial nature of the legal process, which often leaves wounds that do not heal quickly and makes moving forward that much more difficult.  The mediator works to facilitate an agreement between the parties, exploring different options available to assist the parties in reaching a compromise, but does not make a decision for the parties.  

Mediation gives participants much more control over the outcome and allows the parties to design an agreement that is much more customized than a court would be able to provide.  

Whether or not you are represented by an attorney in your case, you can choose Brazill Hester’s mediation services to help reach an agreement that is best for you and your family.

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