parent coordinatorSome parties can benefit from the services of a Parenting Coordinator (“PC”).  The PC works with the parents on an ongoing basis on day-to-day issues and decisions for the children such as schedules, exchanges, healthcare decisions, educational decisions, and the like.  

The PC is trained to help parents focus on the children’s best interests and develop the skills necessary to deal with problems and conflicts that often arise in co-parenting situations.  The parties can agree to have a PC appointed, or the court can appoint a PC on its own where it believes the parties can benefit from  PC assistance. In some cases, all the parents need is the PC’s guidance in working out their own agreements.  In other high-conflict cases, it is better for the PC to have the authority to make binding recommendations when the parents cannot reach an agreement.  

No matter the level of authority the PC has in a particular case, the ultimate objective will be to help the parents develop the relationship and problem-solving skills they need to reach agreements on day-to-day issues in the best interests of the children without assistance.  If you are in a high-conflict situation, consider how Brazill Hester could help your family navigate the thorny issues that frequently arise in co-parenting situations.

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